How to slam off your inner critic?

How to slam off your inner critic?

The writer of this blog was an extremely negative and gloomy person until he wrote this blog. We all have that fierce inner demon in us that checks us every night and fills us with terrible thoughts that destroy our morale and we end up having a bad night’s sleep. This demon acts as a critic judging us, mocking us and we eventually forfeit ourselves to it. Why do we allow this inner demon to haunt us? Is it a replica of our own self who is at an elevated position ridiculing us? Or Is it someone from the outside environment that has made us feel this way? Well here are some of the points that will help you slam off your inner critic.

Every single amoeba on this earth is struggling

Crying in despair after seeing your friends upload beach trips and booze photos on social media? And here you are sitting in a 5×5 cubicle and working. You think that everyone seems to know how to live but only you don’t. The perfect life people show in the spotlight is nothing but the superficial front that they have just to advertise. STOP comparing your life with others. Only you have a deep knowledge of yourself. We all have to accept the fact that life cannot be soft to everyone. Everyone has to struggle in order to live a euphoric life.

Your nitpicker has always been someone from the outside

You’re getting ready for a goodnight sleep and you laze your head against that soft cushion and then suddenly a memory of a person passing a negative observation about you pops into your head. Terrible! Isn’t it?. The first thing to do when this happens is to question the person what he/she is doing in your mind. They do not have any right to jostle into the columns of your mind. Then acknowledge the observation they made about you. If these observations are legit then one should accept them and make necessary amendments.

Carpe Diem!

Worrying about future? Seize the day buddy. Enjoy the little things. No one has control over the future. We are alive today, we might not be tomorrow. The future will be better if present is. Even if you live the next 5 minutes of your life without worrying then that’s a victory. Ignore the jitters and enjoy the blings.

Fear of ending alone in life

Is being alone haunting you? Believe me we all are destined to be with someone. The magical force will pull you towards each other(God’s Mysterious ways! don’t even dare to doubt). Focus on the people with kind and caring hearts. Share your thoughts and pain with them. They’ll eventually find their way to you. If you’ve suffered the hardship of life and you’re honest. That’s enough for someone to stick with you.

Every coin has two sides

Is your life a tragedy? Oh! Bummer! Every event occurring in your life has 2 faces. Now, it depends on you how you interpret it. You can have an optimistic approach to it or you can shed tears over the tragic. Failure is a part of life. Maybe you did something terrible and you have paid the price for it. Shedding tears will not solve the problem but proper amendments will. Scrolling through the positive pages of every disaster will help you to analyze the mistakes and rectify them. There is a subtle difference between despair and hope. The optimistic approach towards every event will bring new hope and the pessimistic approach will sink you into despair.

Next time if you ever feel your inner critic haunting you, slam this blog on it’s face. It will never comeback and if it does, then slam the blog harder again. No one likes Smacking!

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