Is Pi network the future of cryptocurrency?

Is Pi network the future of cryptocurrency?

We have seen Bitcoin’s influence on the world and other smaller coins. They are revolutionizing the world that we live in every day, even if it’s bit by bit. New users who are accepting the new technologies are pushing us towards becoming a better world.

I have been distant from all the hype around digital currency in general. But this time I decided to do some digging. As far as my research goes the Concept looks promising, but more importantly, it is still at the right stage to jump in with an excellent risk-reward ratio. Of course, there is no guarantee that it will be a successful project, but what you tend to lose is a minute of the day hitting a button on your mobile and the mobilization of your network of friend and family at no financial cost to you or them for a possible reward of amassing a lot of Pi digital currency that could be very valuable in the future if the project is successful.

First things first, How do you become the part of the system ?

You can only join the system via an invitation/referral. We got you, a few simple steps and you will be onboard.

• Visit the website by clicking HERE.

• Click on the download button and install the app.

• During signup, you need a referral code to proceed. Use ‘sidharthkumar007’ as the referrer code.

• Complete the signup process and the app will tour you through the basics.

PI crypto fundamentals:

The main goal of the developers was to create a simple and convenient platform for cryptocurrency and smart contracts that would not without the usual serious energy costs. This team has created a simple application that can both extract the new token and store it.

PI mining app was launched on March 14, 2019, and in June, the number of active users exceeded 100,000. Today while writing the article the active userbase has already crossed 9.5 Millon. The app is convenient, intuitive, and very easy to use.

The main advantages of PI crypto are:

Simplicity. A user who has never heard of cryptocurrency will also be able to mine PI crypto money without any problem.

Fair distribution. The number of coins mined does not depend on the capacity of the device.

Extra earnings. Users who contribute to the development of the platform receive additional rewards.

There are four roles Pi users can play, as Pi miners.

The Pi network hasn’t yet reached Mainnet so some of the features might change when that happens. Right now the second phase has been deployed and it’s open opportunities for developers to add Pi to their programs. I’ve been using every role of the Network and some are subject to change, for example, the Node. At the time of this writing, it doesn’t reward you with Pi for the service that you are doing, however, the devs are taking data into account and will make the change when time comes.

Pioneer. A user of the Pi mobile app who is simply confirming that they are not a “robot” on a daily basis. This user validates their presence every time they sign in to the app. They can also open the app to request transactions (e.g. make payment in Pi to another Pioneer which is added in the second phase of)

Contributor. A user of the Pi mobile app who is contributing by providing a list of pioneers he or she knows and trusts. In aggregate, Pi contributors will build a global trust graph.

Ambassador. A user of the Pi mobile app who is introducing other users into the Pi network.

Node. A user who is a pioneer, a contributor using the Pi mobile app, and is also running the Pi node software on their desktop or laptop computer. The Pi node software is the software that runs the core SCP algorithm, taking into account the trust graph information provided by the Contributors.

Pi Network Price Prediction

Today Pi is worth approximately 0 dollars/euro etc. similar to Bitcoin in 2008. The developers are planning to build blockchain and infrastructure. The last phase will be the start of trading. Only after these events, the actual price will occur. Pi’s value will be backed by the time, attention, goods, and services offered by other members of the network. Pi’s holders will be able to turn Pi into “real” money when they either purchase goods and services on Pi’s marketplace or exchange Pi for fiat currency.

Although there are no certain Pi Network price predictions on the net, few websites suggest that PI will value around the $0.15 mark in the beginning. But a lot will depend on the number of users and exchanges accepting or rejecting PI coin. In the best case, PI coin price by the end of a year of the launch can be $1 Pi Network crypto value should raise to create conditions for healthy growth. It is hard to predict Pi Network value in 2025 since this is too long term, and the project is very young. However, the price of PI might raise to $5 and higher if the network will be properly developed.

Pi Mining APP Review

I’ve been using their application for over a month now and I haven’t noticed any drawbacks in my usage of the device. I have continued using my phone as the main place when I do some work or even gaming and I haven’t even noticed a difference in performance, battery drainage, or network speed. You just have to remember to press the button to start mining when the 24 hours period finishes. The application also doesn’t spam you with notifications or anything, literally just sits there and produces PI for you.

Hope you found this useful. Go through our other blog post HOW TO SLAM OFF YOUR INNER CRITIC?

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